LuxLock™: Revolutionary New Earring Back and Post System for Gold Earrings

Jewelry manufacturer LeachGarner, a Berkshire Hathaway company, in collaboration with Dama Inc., is proud to announce LuxLock™, a revolutionary advancement in earring back design. Combining the security of a high-end threaded earring post and ease-of-use of a traditional friction back, the LuxLock™ system offers unparalleled security and uncompromised convenience.

The patented LuxLock™ clutch is a 14K gold piece that provides a strong and secure hold on luxury gold earrings. Each clutch is built with a solid 14K gold shell surrounding a surgical stainless steel locking mechanism. This innovative design minimizes gold costs and provides an extremely strong hold on the earring, all while conforming to the 14K gold standard and providing and easy-to-handle form factor for the end user.

Combined with the patented LuxLock™ post, the LuxLock™ system provides an even more secure fit. Each LuxLock™ post is built with 14K gold and designed with double notch safety catches. The primary notch locks the clutch in place on the wearer's ear, while the secondary notch catches the earring if it is accidentally tugged off of the wearer. The LuxLock™ system is also compatible with traditional threaded posts to provide added flexibility for jewelry manufacturers.

Said Joe White, President of LeachGarner, "The LuxLock™ is one of the most innovative products we've ever seen in the jewelry industry. A clutch and post that conform to 14K gold standards while offering a secure and easy to handle fit will surely be appealing to our customers."

The LuxLock™ system represents the first collaborative product launch between Dama and LeachGarner. Dama will build the LuxLock™ clutch, while LeachGarner will manufacture the LuxLock™ post, milled exclusively in their Attleboro, MA facilities.

LuxLock™ Patent No. US8365369

About LeachGarner:

LeachGarner, Attleboro, MA, specializes in manufacturing and distributing jewelry basic materials and components to manufacturers around the world. As a Berkshire Hathaway company, with hundreds of years of experience manufacturing jewelry components, LeachGarner is committed to advancing the jewelry industry, meeting customer needs and working collaboratively with vendors. The company drives innovation and invests in the technology needed to build the foundations of jewelry that lasts.

About Dama:

Dama Inc. is a Rhode Island-based manufacturer and distributor of jewelry findings. The company provides quality components and service to their global customer base. Dama has been named “Exporter of Year” twice and is an exclusive supplier for world-renowned jewelry designers. Manufacturing automation, modern technology and a commitment to the highest quality standards make Dama a valued partner of jewelry manufacturers worldwide.

For more information on the benefits of the LuxLock™ system, please download our informational pdf.

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